Our posters and frames are suited for companies which do  not necessarily want to attract the attention of potential customers, but rather to help reveal the company's image and add bits of personality to it. Check our wide selection of exciting designs or you can upload your own designs and we will print, frame and deliver it to you.  Your new, high-quality posters will help customers feel the unique vibe of your company, improving the customer experience and also will provide a pleasant atmosphere to all co-workers, increasing the employees satisfaction.

Example of poster prints framed displayed in bars.


Our range of paper print (glossy photo paper or 100% cotton canvas), our frames which come in different colours and eleven sizes, give you the flexibility to choose the solution that fits your needs , depending on the industry:

  • Corporate offices,  agencies, etc.
  • Hotels, restaurant, bars, etc.
  • Shops, hair salons, warehouse, etc.
  • Other co-working and office spaces.

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